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Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2001) is the first edition of the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series. Published for 2001, the calendar in a landscape format that later became a staple of the series. Events depicted in this calendar (like the rest of the series) are not considered to be canon.


  • January - The USS Enterprise on assignment monitoring late 20th century Earth.
  • February - Captain Jean-Luc Picard, against orders, takes the USS Enterprise-E into battle against the Borg.
  • March - The then-experimental starship Defiant departs Deep Space 9 on an early, and still classified, mission.
  • April - A rare, serene moment for the crew of the starship Voyager is shattered by warring tribes on the planet below.
  • May - The starship Farragut, a Nebula-class ship, on routine patrol along the Cardassian border.
  • June - Birds-of-Prey prepare for an exhaustive day of Klingon war games at an undisclosed location within the Empire.
  • Center - For more spectacular images make sure to get the book [Star Trek: The Unseen Frontier] Declassified Images from the History of the Federation from Pocket Books, Winter 2001.
  • July - An unexpected ally escorts the USS Voyager through Borg space as a condition of their infamous – albeit temporary – alliance.
  • August - The prototype USS Prometheus moments before being commandeered by a Romulan crew.
  • September - The Defiant shuttlecraft Chaffee during a routine mission cataloging gaseous anomalies inside the Badlands.
  • October - Romulan Warbirds attack the Klingon outpost at Khitomer, sparking an interstellar incident.
  • November - Captain Benjamin Sisko literally plows through Dominion forces in a bold maneuver that earned the name "Sisko's Run."
  • December - What appears to be the starship Voyager crashes into the surface of a Class X planet, mere parsecs away from the Alpha Quadrant.

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