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Rihannsu is a five-book series of Pocket TOS novels written primarily by Diane Duane. The first two were published early in the line's history, and it was continued at the end of the numbered novels.


  1. TOS #18: My Enemy, My Ally
  2. TOS #35: The Romulan Way (with Peter Morwood)
  3. TOS #95: Swordhunt
  4. TOS #96: Honor Blade
  5. TOS: The Empty Chair

Background informationEdit

The Empty Chair was released on the Simon and Schuster website as a purchasable PDF download on 23 October 2006. It was then published in mass-market paperback in December 2006.

Published simultaneously with The Empty Chair at the end of 2006 was Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages, a trade paperback omnibus edition containing the first four novels, all revised to bring various continuity details into line with the broader spectrum of Star Trek novels.

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