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Star Trek: Official Guide 4 - Mechanics

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The Japanese-language Star Trek: Official Guide 4 - Mechanics reference book was the fourth in a series of "Official Guides." Numbers one and two were illustrated guides to TNG and DS9/VOY respectively while number 3 was a general history on Star Trek. This fourth volume dealt exclusively with physical studio models. It collected stills and behind-the-scenes photographs of the various models, keeping text to a minimum. A licensed book, the author, Osamu Kishikawa, was granted access to Image G and Greg Jein's workshop and pictures of models, taken on those occasions, are featured in the book. A noteworthy section is Chapter 3, which contains a feature length (Japanese language) interview with Jein, one of the very few ever given by him up until then. It remains the only specialized title on the subject of the Star Trek (physical) studio models to date.

Production value of this softcover in a dust jacket book, like its companions in the Official Guide series, was high; full color reproduction of pictures, printed on high quality glossy paper.


  • Introduction
  • Notice

Chapter 1: Starships of the the Federation and Earth Registry

Chapter 2: Alien Starships

Chapter 3: Technology

  • Interview with Greg Jein
  • Afterword

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