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Star Trek: New Frontier - Turnaround

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Star Trek: New Frontier - Turnaround is a five-issue comic mini-series featuring the cast of Star Trek: New Frontier, the first of IDW's "Second Stage" releases. Written by series creator Peter David, and with artwork by Stephen Thompson, the mini-series takes place immediately following Missing in Action and advances the ongoing story of Mackenzie Calhoun and his crew.

The series was first announced under the title Slingshot, but David decided to change the series title after early solicitations had been released.

A trade paperback was released 29 October 2008.



  1. "Turnaround, Part I"
  2. "Turnaround, Part II"
  3. "Turnaround, Part III"
  4. "Turnaround, Part IV"
  5. "Turnaround, Part V"

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