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Star Trek: Klingon was a computer game directed by Jonathan Frakes.


From the back cover
Master the Klingon Way of the Warrior – or suffer deadly consequences – as you undergo Starfleet's holographic training in the language, culture and warface of the Federation's most lethal adversary: the Klingons.
STAR TREK™ KLINGON™ THE ULTIMATE INTERACTIVE ADVENTURE, the third in Simon & Schuster Interactive's STAR TREK series, is a frighteningly realistic interactive episode that tests your mastery of Klingon phrases, customs, body landuage, and even the proper cooking of gagh. Survive the crucial Language Lab and you may test your new-found knowledge of tlhingan Hol in the double-CD Klingon Immersion Studies.
In this holodeck adventure, you are Pok, a young Klingon warrior caught up in the dangerous circles of Klingon clan politics. On the day of your Rite of Ascension, your father is murdered in his own home – and it is up to you, with the help of Gowron (Leader of the Klingon High Council), to find the murderer and close the circle of vengeance. Along the way you will encounter strange aliens, treacherous friends, and even serve aboard the mighty Bird-of-Prey, the Tagana.
THINK, ACT, and SPEAK like a Klingon, and you will become a warrior. THINK like a Terran and you'll be dead Ha'DIbaH.

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Star Trek: Klingon comes with three CDs (the main feature being called "Immersion Studies"). The third CD contains the "Klingon Language Lab", which is a compilation of all the grammatical rules and words that were invented for Star Trek and a condensed version of Power Klingon, an audio course on the Klingon language that can be played in a standard CD player.

The game puts the player in the role of Pok, a Klingon about to pass his Rite of Ascension. Pok is located at a party where all his friends and relatives have gathered. The game features an interactive mode, where Pok talks to the other characters and learns about the Klingon culture. But, during the party, there is an attempt on Gowron's life, and Pok and his friends embark on a blood oath that will take them all the way into Romulan space. As is with the Klingon culture, the answers to the conversations which guide the player through the game are not deducted logically, but the player must decide which answers would truly depict the Klingon nature.

Star Trek: Klingon was adapted as a novelization, Star Trek: Klingon, by the publisher Pocket Books, and as an audio drama by Simon and Schuster Audioworks.

The "Klingon warrior's anthem" from this game was used in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Soldiers of the Empire".

This is one of two Star Trek games to be rated Mature; the other, also centering around Klingons, was Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard.


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