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Star Trek: Insurrection (soundtrack)

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Jerry Goldsmith's original score for Star Trek: Insurrection.


Marked by a strong emphasis on electronically synthesized instrumentation, Jerry Goldsmith's score for Star Trek: Insurrection is infused with the same kind of life and light as the film itself. Energetic and continually flowing, the score introduces new elements to the sound of the Star Trek film franchise: most notably, a constant, bouncing piano and electronic current beneath traditional orchestral elements.

Insurrection integrates old material such as the ever-present Enterprise theme and the incidental Worf/Klingon theme (both introduced in Star Trek: The Motion Picture) with new elements such as a love theme and overarching, pulsating action beat. Unlike the score for his next effort, Star Trek Nemesis, Goldsmith never allows Insurrection to get mired in the darkest moments of the film. Clearly intended to coincide with the producers' desire to create a lighter, less melancholy film, the score for Insurrection is a stark departure from the dramatic themes of Star Trek: First Contact. While not without its emotional moments, the score tends to skew more towards the wonder and whimsy of the Ba'ku storyline. The "adversity" or "A Busy Man" theme from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and the aforementioned First Contact is performed only once (just as Picard makes his decision to rebel) and then only fleetingly.

The score culminates (as the film does) in a life or death struggle aboard the Son'a collector, but even then serves to emphasize not the darkness of the moment, but the wonder and scope of the situation. Goldsmith once again closes the score with a standard performance of The Motion Picture end credit suite, this time bookending the same delicate, string-based melody representing the Ba'ku village that opened the film and sustained the lighter moments.

Track listing

The commercial soundtrack release contained a sampling of the music used in the film. Below is a list of the tracks made widely available.

# Title/Runtime
1 Ba'Ku Village † (6:52)
2 In Custody (1:14)
3 Children's Story (1:47)
4 Not Functioning (1:45)
5 New Sight (5:44)
6 The Drones Attack (4:10)
7 The Riker Maneuver (3:09)
8 The Same Race (1:16)
9 No Threat (4:12)
10 The Healing Process † (7:15)
11 End Credits † (5:25)
Total 41:29
Contains TOS theme composed by Alexander Courage


In 1999, a bootleg version of Goldsmith's score came into circulation. Available on the secondary market, the bootleg contains a number of tracks left off the original release. Highly sought after by film music collectors, the bootleg has been hailed for its sound quality, rivaling that of the "official" release.

It should be noted that no proceeds from the sale of bootlegs go to Goldsmith, nor anyone involved in the production of the original score, or motion picture.
# Title/Runtime
1 Ba'Ku Village † / Phaser Blast (6:52)
2 Dogfight (2:33)
3 In Custody (1:14)
4 Warp Capability (0:41)
5 Ba'ku Planet (0:37)
6 Children's Story (1:47)
7 The Hidden Ship (4:34)
8 Regeneration (0:30)
9 New Sight (5:44)
10 Admiral Dougherty (1:57)
11 Lock & Load (1:37)
12 Not Functioning (1:45)
13 Exodus (1:02)
14 Data's New Friend (1:09)
15 A Perfect Moment (1:07)
16 The Drones Attack (4:10)
17 The Riker Maneuver (3:09)
18 Into the Caves (1:43)
19 The Same Race (1:16)
20 The Collector (1:11)
21 No Threat (4:12)
22 Countdown (0:39)
23 The Healing Process / End Credits † (12:38)
Total 65:52
Contains TOS theme composed by Alexander Courage

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