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Star Trek: Hidden Evil is an adventure game set in the Star Trek universe. The player takes the persona of Ensign Sovok, a Human raised by Vulcans; as a result of this unusual upbringing, Sovok can use the Vulcan nerve pinch.

Marketed as the sequel game to Star Trek: Insurrection, the player finds themselves embroiled in a plot to harness the destructive powers of a coveted genetic seed. Discovering an warning from the Ancient humanoids, the player must engage alien forces and outwit foes in a series of challenging missions, or the galaxy will fall victim to a ruthless archenemy.

Hidden Evil was poorly received, getting a 4.0 from IGN[1] and 4.5 from GameSpot[2]. In addition to weak storytelling, the game shipped with numerous technical glitches.

There was also a Collector's Edition of Hidden Evil released in the US. Asides from the full game in special packaging it also came with a VHS tape featuring the episode "All Good Things..." and electronic previews of two Star Trek comic books from DC Comics.

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