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Star Trek: Heroes and Villains, subtitled, "The 100 Most Iconic Characters From The Final Frontier", was the title of the third Star Trek-themed issue in the The Official CBS Watch! Collector's Edition magazine series, released in July 2015.

With the upcoming 50th anniversary of Star Trek, CBS Communications, as a courtesy to its sister company CBS Studios – owner of one of history's most successful media-franchises – owed it to its standing to have attention paid to the phenomenon, starting with the release of three Star Trek-themed issues in 2014-2015 in the Collector's Edition series, of which Heroes and Villains was the third, and last before the official year of the franchise's anniversary. A glossy magazine, the publication was high on picture content, but with minimal, cursory text captions. Editorial chores were subcontracted to publisher Media Lab Books. The magazine was offered for official sale until 15 September as indicated on the magazine cover, or 21 October 2015 as indicated on the official site.

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CBS Watch! Special Editions is proud to present the third in its series of Star Trek-themed special issues, Star Trek: Heroes and Villains. Through never-before-seen photos, exclusive content and Star Trek ephemera from all over the Trek Fan universe, CBS Watch! tells the story of the Federation and its most important do-gooders. We also give the complete rundown on the galaxy's most evil bad guys. Get geared up for the 50th anniversary of sci-fi's most important milestone with this one of a kind tribute to Gene Roddenberry's finest characters.
Publisher's blurb on official site
CBS Watch! magazine presents the latest Star Trek Collector’s Edition, which continues the celebration of the TV show’s legacy.
The new 100-page special issue–Star Trek: Heroes and Villains–gives behind-the-scenes access to 100 of the original series’ most iconic characters. Inside, you’ll get never-before-seen photos, interviews, facts, trivia and exclusive content about the galaxy’s most evil bad guys and heroes.

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