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The Star Trek Federation Passport is a mock passport and tourist guide for several planets in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


Star Trek Federation Passport is a guidebook to some of the better-known worlds of the Federation, complete with information on lodgings, food, shopping, and advisories on public safety. It is filled with panoramic photos, from the lush gardens of Betazed to the arid deserts of Vulcan, and includes two bound-in postcards.

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A mini-travel guide and Star Trek passport produced to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek. The passport features color photographs and illustrations throughout.

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Badlands; Bajor; Bajoran wormhole; Betazed; Borg; Cardassia Prime; Earth; Ferenginar; Jem'Hadar; Qo'noS; Remus; Risa; Romulus; Shore Leave Planet; Tholians; Trill; Vulcan

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