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Soundtrack albums released containing music from Star Trek: Enterprise.

"Broken Bow"

Track listing

# Name Time
01 Where My Heart Will Take Me (Album Version) - Russell Watson 4:14
02 New Enterprise 1:42
03 Klingon Chase/Shotgunned 2:05
04 Enterprise First Flight 2:52
05 Klang-Napped 2:12
06 Morph-O-Mama/Suli-Nabbed 2:47
07 Phaser Fight 5:54
08 Breakthrough 2:02
09 Grappled 4:11
10 The Rescue 6:41
11 Temporal Battle 8:07
12 Blood Work 2:12
13 New Horizons 1:27
14 Archer's Theme (End Credits) 1:27
15 Where My Heart Will Take Me (TV Version) - Russell Watson 1:29

Archer's Theme

"Archer's Theme" is an instrumental piece of music used over the closing credits for the Star Trek: Enterprise series. It was composed by Dennis McCarthy.

The theme was originally intended to be played over the opening credits of the show. McCarthy, having also composed the theme for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, wrote the piece in a style reminiscent of the later Star Trek series. Even though the piece opens with a subdued but recognizable version of Star Trek theme fanfare; McCarthy wrote it in keeping with the spirit of the show to be overall less classical and more modern instrumentally.

The producers' decision to use "Where My Heart Will Take Me" in its stead was a controversial decision that the producers made in an attempt to make the series appeal to an audience wider than that of existing Trek fans.

Altogether four different versions of end credits were used in the show. In the pilot episode, "Broken Bow", an instrumental version of "Where My Heart Will Take Me", also known as "Faith of the Heart", was used.

In the following episode, "Fight or Flight", "Archer's Theme" is heard in a different arrangement. In addition, there is a different closing theme in the double feature, "In a Mirror, Darkly", reprising this episode's unique opening credits music.

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