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A comic miniseries featuring the characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Star Trek: Divided We Fall was a four-issue comic book miniseries from WildStorm Comics released between May and August 2001. This series featured the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation from after Star Trek: Insurrection, and the cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as they were depicted in the Pocket Books "relaunch" series of novels set after "What You Leave Behind".

The stardates of these stories indicate the story takes place in 2376. Several canon characters and concepts were included in the stories, but many details were based on other non-canon comics and novels, such as the appearance of the new members of the Deep Space 9 crew such as Elias Vaughn and Thirishar ch'Thane.



  1. "Crossfire" (May 2001)
  2. "No Quarter" (June 2001)
  3. "All Fall Down" (July 2001)
  4. "United We Stand" (August 2001)

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