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Star Trek: Destiny is a novel trilogy from Pocket Books, a crossover event featuring characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Titan and, as announced by Marco Palmieri, "elements from Trek's past, coming together in an ambitious tale that will shape the future of the Star Trek universe." The trilogy is set in February 2381.

The trilogy, written by David Mack, was released over three consecutive months (September 2008November 2008). It was announced at the Shore Leave convention in July 2007.

Mack began drafting the first novel, Gods of Night, in July 2007, and began work on each subsequent part immediately after delivering its predecessor. The draft manuscript for Lost Souls, the final novel, was completed in April 2008.

An omnibus edition, collecting the trilogy in a single trade paperback, was released in March 2012.

The fallout from the events of the trilogy is chronicled in A Singular Destiny (Keith R.A. DeCandido), Over a Torrent Sea (Christopher L. Bennett, Star Trek: Titan), Full Circle (Kirsten Beyer, Star Trek: Voyager, March 2009), and Losing the Peace (William Leisner, Star Trek: The Next Generation, July 2009). USS Voyager related event repercussions continue in Unworthy and subsequent Beyer novels.

Star Trek Online and J.J. Abrams's movie story lines diverge significantly from the Destiny trilogy.


The Borg return – with a vengeance! Blitzkrieg attacks by the single-minded aliens with their hive mentality and their mission to assimilate every intelligent being they encounter are leaving whole worlds aflame. No one knows how they are slipping past Starfleet's defenses, so Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew are detailed to find out – and to put a stop to it if they can. Meanwhile, thousands of light years away, Captain Will Riker and the crew of the Titan follow bizarre energy pulses to a mysterious, hidden world. There they find a figure out of legend: a Starfleet captain long thought dead. And at the same time, over in the Gamma Quadrant, newly-promoted Captain Dax and her crew investigate the wreck of the Earth starship Columbia NX-02, missing in action for more than two centuries.

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  1. Gods of Night
  2. Mere Mortals
  3. Lost Souls

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