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Star Trek: Designing Starships Volume Two is the second hardcover reference book in the series from Eaglemoss Collections and includes a dust jacket.

Primarily comprised of starship design articles compiled from issues of the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection partwork magazine, this volume focuses on the USS Voyager and many other starships.

It features artwork by John Eaves, Rick Sternbach, Robert McCall and Syd Mead, among many others.

Summary Edit

From the website
The second volume, by Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley, takes you behind the scenes to reveal the thinking – and the artwork – behind the design of dozens of STAR TREK starships, from the first doodles to the finished art sent to the modelmakers.
Volume One featured all seven Enterprises. Volume Two covers more than 30 ships including the USS Voyager, Delta Flyer, the Enterprise-J, the Phoenix, Klingon Bird-of-Prey, Romulan Warbird, Borg Sphere, V'Ger, and many more. The book is packed with original concept art, and includes work from legendary artists Syd Mead and Robert McCall.
The book contains material previously published in Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection along with all-new content.
Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.

Contents Edit

  • Contents, p. 5
  • USS Voyager, pp. 8-25
  • Aeroshuttle, pp. 26-29
  • Delta Flyer, pp. 30-35
  • Neelix's Shuttle, pp. 36-37
  • USS Raven, pp. 38-39
  • USS Prometheus, pp. 40-49
  • USS Equinox, pp. 50-53
  • Federation Scout Ship, pp. 54-55
  • The Phoenix, pp. 56-59
  • NX Inspection Pod, pp. 60-61
  • NX-Alpha, pp. 62-65
  • Enterprise-J, pp. 66-73
  • Medusan Ship, pp. 74-75
  • Gorn Starship, pp. 76-77
  • Klingon Bird-of-Prey, pp. 78-81
  • V'Ger, pp. 82-93
  • The Trip Inside V'Ger, pp. 94-101
  • Romulan Warbird, pp. 102-105
  • Valdore, pp. 106-109
  • Romulan Bird-of-Prey, pp. 110-113
  • ECS Horizon, pp. 114-115
  • Vahklas, pp. 116-117
  • Aeon Timeship, pp., 118-121
  • Federation Holoship, pp. 122-125
  • Borg Renegades' Ship, pp. 126-127
  • Borg Sphere, pp. 128-129
  • Voth City Ship, pp. 130-133
  • Voth Research Ship, pp. 134-135
  • Andorian Battle Cruiser, pp. 136-137
  • Intrepid, pp. 138-141
  • Antares, pp. 142-145
  • Xindi Insectoid Warship, pp. 146-149
  • Xindi Reptilian Warship, pp. 150-153
  • Xindi Aquatic Ships, pp. 154-159

Background information Edit

  • Noteworthy is the major overhaul the USS Voyager entry received for the book publication. The original magazine article in issue 8 of four pages was expanded to eighteen pages, with additional concept art from Rick Sternbach, Doug Drexler (with caption misidentification in the original publication corrected for the latter), and introducing concept art from Jim Martin, some of which already shared by author Robinson previously with his Twitter account followers. [1] [2]
  • The two V'ger chapters are entirely new, as no such source publication existed in, or was foreseen for, the collection at the time of the book's publication. Still, Robinson could draw upon material, previously written and illustrated for articles in a 2001 outing of his previous Fabbri Publishing (US) assignment, Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 8.

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