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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Hunt is an unfinished video game based on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that was developed in the mid-1990s but canceled before it was released. It was to have been published by Simon & Schuster for Macintosh and MS-DOS.

Douglas Herring, an art director at Microsoft Games Studios for nearly a decade, worked on the project with his responsibilities including "total art design, animation and background key frames and layout for this adventure game based on the TV series. Art was 95% done and I had already moved on when Paramount Interactive put the project on hold." [1]

The summary for the game was as follows:

Somewhere on space station Deep Space Nine is a thief with a stolen treasure of mysterious power. The Cardassians want to retrieve it. The Ferengis want to steal it. As a Federation Officer, a Klingon, a Ferengi or a Bajoran, you use your wits and personality to interact with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine characters, all realistically animated in stereo sound. Your actions will make the difference between success and failure.

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