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DVD release
Series: DS9
Season: 1 - 7
No. of episodes: 173 (3 feature-length)
No. of discs: 49
48 (Germany, Denmark)
Region 2 release date: 4 July 2011
7 July 2011 (German Exclusive)
19 July 2011 (Danish)
27 June 2014 (re-released)
Rating(s): BBFC 15 IFCO 15 FSK 12 NICAM 12 MCCYP 15
Reference: ASIN B004UR274G (UK)
ASIN B00JAQ6AY0 (UK re-release)
ASIN B0051TW88W (German)
EAN: 7332431036185 (Danish)

Remark: The Danish re-release from 2014 has the same EAN as the original Danish release, it is the exact same as the original UK release (paper-sleeves w/ English text), but it contains 48 DVDs just like the original Danish release.

Year: 2369 - 2375

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Full Journey is the third offering in the "Full Journey" re-releases of the Star Trek television series. The Region 2-only DVD box set is essentially a repackaging of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete Collection, the previously marketed complete box set edition, but includes an extra disc containing additional extra features.

The box set was re-released in the UK in 2014 with the same contents in different packaging. The 2011 release contained all of the discs in fold-out cardboard cases with slots for each disc, whereas the 2014 release housed all the discs across three large plastic Amaray cases.

The DVD market is for Region 2 further subdivided into language-related regions, each with their own manufacturers, who have a certain leeway regarding release policies such as whether to release a product at all in the relevant language area and in what form it is released. In the majority of the cases, when a product is released, packaging differences are limited to leaving out or changing the rating logos of the UK edition and/or translating accompanying texts in the relevant languages. In the case of Deep Space Nine - The Full Journey, the producers of the Danish edition (serving the whole Scandinavian market) opted to change the box art of the release and change the sub-caption to "The Complete Box". [1]


The episodes on the discs, and their arrangement among them, are identical to the DS9 season box-sets.

Please refer to the following pages for the discs' episode arrangement.

Additional discEdit

The contents of the 49th disc has yet to be ascertained.

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