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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has been published in novel form by Pocket Books since 1993 in the USA, the UK, and the Republic of Ireland under license from Paramount Pictures.


Pocket Books was the first publisher given license by Paramount to produce a series of original novels and episode novelizations based on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. All DS9 novels, technical publications and adaptations have been part of this ongoing series. Most of the numbered novels take place during the first four seasons of the series.

The majority of novels being written now form part of the so-called Star Trek: Deep Space Nine relaunch, which picks up the story after the end of the filmed series and has become extremely popular with readers. Michael Okuda created the new logo for the post-"What You Leave Behind" novels, which began in 2001. The original DS9 logo is used for literature that is set during the series, such as the 2003 anthology Prophecy and Change and the 2005 novel Hollow Men. The Lives of Dax anthology was originally published in 1999 with the classic DS9 logo, but was republished in 2003 with the relaunch logo.




  1. Emissary
  2. The Siege
  3. Bloodletter
  4. The Big Game
  5. Fallen Heroes
  6. Betrayal
  7. Warchild
  8. Antimatter
  9. Proud Helios
  10. Valhalla
  11. Devil in the Sky
  12. The Laertian Gamble
  13. Station Rage
  14. The Long Night
  15. Objective: Bajor
  16. Invasion! #3: Time's Enemy
  17. The Heart of the Warrior
  18. Saratoga
  19. The Tempest
  20. Wrath of the Prophets
  21. Trial by Error
  22. Vengeance
  23. The 34th Rule
  24. Rebels #1: The Conquered
  25. Rebels #2: The Courageous
  26. Rebels #3: The Liberated
  27. A Stitch in Time



This represents editor Marco Palmieri's recommended order for the relaunch.

Omnibus releases

Related stories

Young Adult

This was a series of young adult books based around the adventures of Jake and Nog published between 1994 and 1998.

  1. The Star Ghost
  2. Stowaways
  3. Prisoners of Peace
  4. The Pet
  5. Arcade
  6. Field Trip
  7. Gypsy World
  8. Highest Score
  9. Cardassian Imps
  10. Space Camp
  11. Day of Honor: Honor Bound
  12. Trapped in Time


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