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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Board Game was a two-to-four player game produced by Component Game Systems.

This was a core set (optimistically labeled "1st Edition") featuring playing pieces for the DS9 Federation, the Maquis, Cardassians and the Dominion.

Game play was tile-based and modular, depending on the number of players playing the game. The largest tile map, for six players (presumably when combined with other sets), is formed from 56 seven-hex tiles. Victory could be achieved by either military, economic, or mission-based means.

The game is compatible with Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Board Game, which features the Federation, Klingons, Ferengi, and Romulans, and is presumably compatible with other space-based CGS games, such as their Babylon 5 games.

NOTE: This game was presumably only made available in the UK prior to the collapse of the company. US distribution of the game was never realized.

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