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Star Trek: Creating the Enterprise is a candid and lighthearted autobiography written and published in 2012 by Paul Olsen, the artist who was responsible for the paint scheme applied to the refit-Enterprise studio model for its appearance in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Though an autobiography, Olsen centered his writing around the work he has done on that feature, and as such, his involvement with Star Trek features prominently in the book.

Olsen, overlooked as a major contributor to the franchise for decades, was motivated to write the book after his experiences as a guest speaker at the October 19-21 2012 Destination Star Trek London Convention, which by his own admission was an overwhelming experience, and on which he wrote about in detail in his book.

For the book Olsen sought out and got input from his former Robert Abel & Associates/Magicam co-workers Richard Taylor, Mark Stetson, Ron Gress, and Jim Dow to refresh his memory and who have provided him with additional information for his book.

Apart from being an insightful look into the life of a freelance artist, the book proffers the reader a detailed look into the inner workings of a studio model shop involved with the production of a Star Trek production, one of the most detailed published to date, as well as a sense of what it is like to be a Star Trek alumnus, invited to attend a convention as a guest speaker.

Olsen has published his book as a digital version in the PDF format that is available through his website (see below), with a Kindle version slated for release at and others at a later point in time.


From the introduction
"It is now October 22, 2012... the day after the spectacular 'Destination Star Trek London' convention at the Excel Exhibition Centre. As a result of my experience appearing there, speaking to thousands of Star Trek fans, and personally meeting upwards of two thousand friendly and gracious people from all over the world; for the very first time in 33 years I am beginning to appreciate the full force of this unique, worldwide phenomenon and the privileged part I played in creating the ball gown for the femme fatale of Star Trek: The Motion Picture: the magnificent Starship Enterprise, Queen of the Galaxy.
"I doubt that anything I do will ever top that for style, grace, and sheer drama. Well, I know it won't. One of those magic moments in life that can’t be replicated. This incredible experience with all of you at the Excel London has moved me to write this book.
"I have the late Ed Scarisbrick to thank for getting me the gig in 1978 to paint the Enterprise model, and I have Tony Robinson to thank for alerting me to the Destination Star Trek London Convention and arranging for me to speak at this simply wonderful event for three days. I can't believe it's over.
"I hope everyone who reads this book will share with me my experiences and enjoy the ride of how this all came about. Maybe I will have met some of you at the Convention, and if so, it was such a pleasure to meet you, talk with you, and have my picture taken with you. I wish I had the foresight to have someone take pictures of all the people who had their pictures taken with me. What a lovely album that would have made. You were all lovely, friendly, and ever-so-kind people. Thank you. You've made my life rich beyond words. I enjoyed the whole, colorful event beyond words as well – but that doesn’t mean I'm not going to give it a right go to describe it all!!
"Strap yourself in and let’s go for a ride!"

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Note: Content organization from the PDF file
  • Introduction, p. 2
  • Acknowledgments, p. 3
  • Chapter 1, p. 5
  • Chapter 2, p. 14
  • Chapter 3, p. 19
  • Chapter 4, p. 25
  • Chapter 5, p. 32
  • Chapter 6: Magicam, p. 42
  • Chapter 7: Creation of the Starship Enterprise, p. 46
  • Chapter 8, p. 53
  • Chapter 9, p. 59
  • Chapter 10, p. 63
  • Chapter 11, p. 69
  • Chapter 12, p. 73
  • Chapter 13, p. 77
  • Chapter 14, p. 82
  • Appendices
    • The Enterprise, p. 92
    • Tips for all you modelers on preparing and painting your model, p. 93
    • Mark Stetson, p. 99
    • Jim Dow, p. 101
    • Richard Taylor, p. 102

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