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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)

Issue 120 of Star Trek: Communicator was the December 1998/January 1999 issue of the regular run.

Contents Edit

Star Trek UpdateEdit

Sensor ReadingsEdit

"Sensor Readings", pp. 10-16

Data AccessEdit

  • Richard Arnold, Arnold Suhr "Data Access", p. 14

Mission OpsEdit


  • William S. McCullars, "Starship '72; The forgotten detour of the NCC-1701", pp. 18-19, 77
  • Kevin Dilmore, "The Music of Star Trek: The Motion Picture 20 years (and 25 minutes) later", pp. 19, 74
  • Deborah Fisher, "Star Trek: Insurrection: Enjoying the moment", pp.20-22, 24, 26, 28, 30
  • Deborah Fisher, "Actress Donna Murphy as Anij: 'It was like having a retreat'", pp. 54-56
  • Deborah Fisher, "Actor Michael Welch is Artim", pp. 58-59
  • Deborah Fisher, "Guest Extra, Tom Morello, Son'a Soldier", p. 59
  • Deborah Fisher, "Costumer Sanja Hayes; creating those alien rags and riches", pp. 60-61
  • Deborah Fisher, "Costumer Bob Blackman; Dressing Starfleet anew", pp. 62-63
  • Deborah Fisher, "Production Designer Herman Zimmerman says it all", pp. 64-65
  • Luke Montgomery, "Persis Khambatta; The Last Interview", pp. 67-69
  • Melissa J. Perenson, "Star Trek CD-ROMs everywhere!", pp. 70-71

Holodeck AdventuresEdit

  • John Vornholt, "The first shots on the Dominion War", p. 78

Building TeknologyEdit

  • Terry Ray Hiller, "Einstein's Theorem", pp. 60-61

Federation ArchivesEdit

  • Kevin Stevens, "Federation Archives", p.62

Issue 119 Star Trek: Communicator
Issue 120 - December 1998/January 1999
Issue 121

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