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Star Trek: Borg is an interactive video Star Trek game which places the player in the role of a cadet who encounters Q, and is transported to the Battle of Wolf 359.


From the back cover
You are Cadet Qaylan Furlong. Your father was killed by the Borg in the battle of Wolf 359. Now, ten years later, the Borg are attacking again, and Starfleet won't allow you to stay aboard the Starship USS Cheyenne to avenge your father's death.
But Q will.
He'll do better than that, in fact. He will take you back in time ten years and put you on the same ship as your father to give you a chance to save him... and the entire Federation. It's a mission of extreme danger, difficult choices and surprising results.

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The player takes on the role of Cadet Qaylan Furlong whose father, Lt. Ralph Furlong, was killed during the Battle of Wolf 359. With the help of Q, the player goes back in time to his father's ship, the Template:ShipClass USS Righteous, to prevent his death and the destruction of the ship.

Game play

Game play is a unique combination of a Myst-style point-and-click adventure and a real-time free-flowing game. The game progresses like a movie, but at certain junctures, the player must make choices (done by clicking on objects or people) which affect the storyline. Additionally, failure to "make a choice" is interpreted as a choice of inaction, which affects the story accordingly.

At any time (when the player is not at a choice-making juncture), the game may be paused, allowing the player to examine his surroundings with a tricorder. Certain tasks require information that can only be gathered in this manner.

During some instances, it is possible to punch Q in the face, and at one point, kick him in the crotch.

Memorable Quotes

"Why? Because I can!"

- Q

"Hello! There's a Borg on the bridge! He's not going to sit around and let you scan him (hits the character on head with a tricorder) while he's assimilating the ship!"

- Q

"Excuse me, am I mistaken? But isn't there a Borg on the bridge trying to control the ship? What are you going to do? (hits player with tricorder) Scan it to death!?"

- Q

"Captain, we're hailing the Borg ship, shields are dropping. (to player) Uh-oh!"
"There's a tight beam transmission going to the Borg cube, computers uploading data about emergency transporters..."
"The Borg are firing, we're gonna die! (turns to player in a calm voice) And it's your fault!"
(Ship explodes)

- Q and Biraka

"Don't touch what you don't understand!"

- Q

"Oh great! Now I'm dead! Not exactly what I wanted."

- Q, after being injected by a Borg influenced Targus

"Here, take this too."
"I don't think we'll need an emergency medkit. If things get that bad we're probably dead."

- Q and Targus, as Q gives her a medkit

"Hmmm, this thing is amazing! Did you know it has information on places, systems even people! Look, look at that. Did you know Counselor Biraka was a champion horse jumper?"

- Q, in a sarcastic voice describing the tricorder

"Do you hear that Sprint? You don't want to hear Furlong talking about his whiny brat now do you? (a targeting reticule appears on Q's head, crotch and torso) I don't know what you're staring at but I don't like it, Just be careful where you point!"
(Q starts to make gestures telling the player to click on Furlong)

- Q

"Ow! Oh! What was that for!?"
"For working so hard to make people dislike you."
"And why would I do that?"
"Because you're trying to prove that they actually like you!"
"Oh, spare me Counselor, you don't have the tools to analyze me!"

- Q and Biraka, after the player chooses to punch Q on the nose

"Come on Quint you'll be OK, just catch your breath. If you just didn't try so hard to make everyone dislike you"
"S-S-Spare me the psychology, Counselor. You don't have the tools to analyze me!"

- Q and Biraka, after the player chooses to knee Q in the groin

"How is he, doc?"
"I'm sorry... he's just too stupid to live."

- Targus and Q, after the player electrocutes himself

"We few, we happy few, we band of Borg."

- Q

"Well, it's about time. Where have you been? How do you expect to save the universe when you keep dashing off for a sandwich or something? Please, try to be more attentive, for me?"

- Q to player after repeated failures to choose an option and then finally choosing the right one.

Background Information



Uncredited cast

Leading crew

End crew



The Bijani are a race of nomadic stellar wanderers. They look a lot like the Kobliad, with a bigger head and larger 'beak'. When in great pain, their adrenaline has an unusual effect on their neuropsychology, entering them into a "pain trance" which allows the Bijani to work in very harsh conditions and push their bodies to their physical limits.

USS Cheyenne

The USS Cheyenne (NCC-75435) was a Template:ShipClass starship that was in operation in 2377.

The Cheyenne utilized footage of the Enterprise-D from The Next Generation.

USS Righteous

USS Excelsior, Flashback

USS Righteous

USS Righteous (NCC-42451) was an Template:ShipClass that was in service during the mid-2360s.

Known to be the last of the Excelsior-class, launched right before the battle of Wolf 359.
In the original timeline 
The USS Righteous was among the first vessels to be destroyed at Wolf 359. The Borg cube killed the Bijani tactical officer and his replacement's ineptitude caused everyone aboard to die at the hands of an unknown Borg energy weapon.
In the current timeline 
The USS Righteous survived the Battle of Wolf 359. Q's intervention allowed a Starfleet cadet to inhabit the Bijani tactical officer, and the cadet's skill allowed the Righteous to limp away from the battle zone. Q, in an effort to cause minimal damage to the timeline, threw the ship forward in time to a second battle against the Borg occurring in 2377.
Footage of the Righteous was recycled from VOY: "Flashback". Its destruction is recycled footage from the Excelsior-class Melbourne in DS9: "Emissary". Interior shots were a combination of Voyager and Excelsior rooms and corridors.

Additional references

USS Kyushu; USS Melbourne; USS Saratoga; USS Tolstoy

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