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Star Trek: Boldly Go, which follows the events of Star Trek: Ongoing, is another such comic series from IDW Publishing, set after the main events but before the closing scene of Star Trek Beyond. Unlike its predecessor, the series will have more serialized story arcs. [1] A collected edition is scheduled to be released in July 2017.

Creators Edit

Characters Edit

Main: IDW TOS (alternate reality) characters

Issues Edit

  1. "Star Trek: Boldly Go, Issue 1"
  2. "Star Trek: Boldly Go, Issue 2"
  3. "Star Trek: Boldly Go, Issue 3"
  4. "Star Trek: Boldly Go, Issue 4"
  5. "Star Trek: Boldly Go, Issue 5" (solicited for February 2017)
  6. "Star Trek: Boldly Go, Issue 6" (solicited for March 2017)
  7. "Star Trek: Boldly Go, Issue 7" (solicited for April 2017 [2])

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