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Star Trek: Attack Wing is a two-player game set within the Star Trek "universe". It is produced by WizKids and is slated for retail release in August, 2013.

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Enterprise-D

Star Trek: Attack Wing USS Enterprise-D

Players assume the roles of commanders who can customize, upgrade, and assign famous crew members to their fleets. Fleets will have special statistics, abilities, and unique maneuvers displayed on separate "HeroClix Combat Dials". Alongside these modified dials, the game will utilize the "FlightPath maneuver system" under license from Fantasy Flight Games. [1]

Additional gaming scenarios will be playable on space maps distributed through an Organized Play Program. [2]

The game's fully painted ship molds are identical to those utilized in the Star Trek: Tactics game, although the stands and other gaming elements are new.[3] Additionally, unpainted versions of some of these ship molds were previously released in the Star Trek: Fleet Captains game.

Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set

Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing promo

Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set and Expansions

  • Includes rules, Quick Start rules, Ship, Captain, and Crew Upgrade cards, Range Ruler, game tokens, and the following starships:

Star Trek: Attack Wing Expansion Packs

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Enterprise

Star Trek: Attack Wing USS Enterprise packaging

  • Expansion starships include a Ship card and Clix dial and will be sold individually in transparent plastic packaging:





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