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Star Trek: Attack Wing is a multi-player game set within the Star Trek "universe". It is produced by WizKids and premiered at retail in August 2013.

Players assume the roles of commanders who customize, upgrade, and assign famous crew members to their starship fleets. Players and their fleets then compete against each other in various combat and exploration scenarios during the game.

These fleets are drawn from factions such as the Borg, the Dominion, and the Federation. Fleets have their special statistics, abilities, and maneuvers displayed on separate "HeroClix Combat Dials". For its gaming mechanics, a unique version of the "FlightPath maneuver system" is used, under license from Fantasy Flight Games. [1]

Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing promo

Attack Wing promo

Additional gaming scenarios, unique starships, and a space station are playable on maps distributed through a series of Organized Play Program tournament events. [2]

Many of the game's painted ship miniatures are very similar to those produced for the Star Trek: Tactics game but Attack Wing's Federation ships do not have names or registries painted onto them. Unpainted versions of some of Attack Wing's starship miniatures were also released earlier in the Star Trek: Fleet Captains game and later in the Star Trek: Frontiers game. For this game, a number of these ships feature alternate paint schemes or have been reproduced in translucent plastic.

Attack Wing also introduces a number of new canon starship miniatures to the public. Some of these designs had never been produced or retailed by a licensed company before. Some starships have names and registries borrowed from non-canon sources including Star Trek novels and the Star Trek Customizable Card Game.

Starter SetsEdit

Starter SetEdit

The 2013 set includes a Rule book, Quick Start rules, Ship, Captain, Crew, Tech, and Weapons Upgrade cards, Range Ruler, game tokens, and the following starships:

Federation vs Klingons Starter SetEdit

A second set is slated to be released in October 2017 and contains an updated Rulebook, Quick Start rules, Ship, Captain, Crew, Tech, and Weapons Upgrade cards, Range Ruler, game tokens, and the following starships:

Expansion PacksEdit

Expansion starships include Ship, Captain, Crew, Mission, Tech, and Weapons Upgrade cards with game tokens and movement dials. Each ship is sold individually in transparent plastic packaging.









Mirror UniverseEdit


Species 8472Edit



*Announced but subsequently removed from release schedule; presently listed as "Wave X"

Card packsEdit

First released in September 2017, card packs include cards, token sheets and dial connector pieces that correlate to particular starship designs as detailed below. These cards and tokens will incorporate new rule changes and icons.

September 2017 - Wave 1Edit

January 2018 - Wave 2Edit

March 2018 - Wave 3Edit

May 2018 - Wave 4Edit

Deep Cuts starshipsEdit

As part of its "Deep Cuts" series, WizKids will begin to retail unpainted versions of many of the game's starships, beginning in August 2017. Each ship will be coated in Acrylicos Vallejo primer, feature deeper hull detailing for easier paint application, and include a connector piece, two pegs, a base, and a decal sheet.

August 2017 - Wave 1Edit

Faction packsEdit

Slated to premiere in October 2017, individual Faction packs will include four pre-painted starships with cards, token sheets, dial connector pieces, bases, and pegs. Many of the cards and tokens are unique to the pack and will allow a player to field a never-before-seen fleet, straight out of the box.

  • Dominion - October 2017
  • Romulan - October 2017
  • Independent - February 2018

Storyline Organized Play EventsEdit

Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing OP logo

Retailers host game tournaments for players who compete in a series of Storyline Organized Play Events.

Each month, players collect participation prizes and vie for a unique ship. The player who has the best overall record at the conclusion of the monthly events is crowned Fleet Admiral and awarded a "Grand Prize". Each game includes instructions and score sheets.

The Dominion War Edit

Star Trek Attack Wing Organized Play Event logo
October 2013 - Operation ReturnEdit
November 2013 - The Battle of Chin’tokaEdit
December 2013 - The Siege of AR-558Edit
  • PWB Aj'rmr - D'deridex-class* × 3
  • Reinforcements sideboards/Reference cards† × 12
  • 4 bases and 8 pegs in 4 colors† × 12
January 2014 - The Attack On EarthEdit
February 2014 - The Battle of CardassiaEdit
March 2014 - The Last Battle of Deep Space 9Edit
Grand PrizeEdit
  • Deep Space 9 - 12-inch diameter Nor-Class space station (model)

The CollectiveEdit

Star Trek Attack Wing The Collective logo
July 2014 - First ContactEdit
  • Ti'Mur - Suurok-class* × 3
  • Randomized expansion pack ship† × 10
  • Counter Attack dice† × 10
  • Map element sets × 5
August 2014 - The Battle of Wolf 359Edit
  • USS Raven - Aerie-class* × 3
  • Randomized expansion pack ship† × 10
  • Fleet Captain cards† × 10
  • Map element sets × 5
September 2014 - The Battle of Sector 001Edit
Randomized Expansion ShipsEdit
Grand PrizeEdit

Resistance Is FutileEdit

Wizkids Resistance Is Futile logo
October 2014 - Dark FrontierEdit
  • IRW Avatar of Tomed (β) - Assimilated D'deridex-class* × 3
  • Improved Shields cards with Reference cards† × 10
November 2014 - Unimatrix ZeroEdit
  • Assimilated Vessel 80279 - Assimilated B'rel-class* × 3
  • Advanced Targeting Systems cards with Reference cards† × 10
December 2014 - EndgameEdit
  • Assimilated Vessel 64758 - Assimilated Galor-class* × 3
  • High Yield Photon Torpedoes cards with Reference cards† × 10
Randomized Expansion ShipsEdit
Grand PrizeEdit

The Q-ContinuumEdit

Attack Wing Q-Continuum logo
April 2015 - Encounter at FarpointEdit
  • USS Hood - Excelsior-class* × 3
  • Evasive Action template with Reference cards† × 10
  • Map element sets: Q-Continuum cards × 20
May 2015 - Deja QEdit
June 2015 - All Good ThingsEdit
Grand PrizeEdit
  • Q-Continuum card pack × 2

Temporal Cold WarEdit

Attack Wing Temporal Cold War OP Event logo
October 2015 - ShockwaveEdit
November 2015 - Future TenseEdit
December 2015 - Zero HourEdit
Grand PrizeEdit
  • Temporal Cold War card pack × 2

The Classic MoviesEdit

Wizkids Attack Wing The Classic Movies OP
April 2016 - The Wrath of KhanEdit
May 2016 - The Search for SpockEdit
June 2016 - The Voyage HomeEdit
Grand PrizeEdit

Klingon Civil WarEdit

Wizkids Attack Wing Klingon Civil War OP logo
September 2016 - Attack On GowronEdit
October 2016 - Battle of MempaEdit
November 2016 - Baiting The RomulansEdit
  • IKS Toral - B'rel-class card pack* × 3
  • All Stop cards† × 10
Grand PrizeEdit

Episode Organized Play EventsEdit

These single events include new starships and scenarios for tournament play.

April 2014 - The Tholian WebEdit
Star Trek Attack Wing Tholian Web logo
  • Tholia One (β) - Tholian ship* × 3
  • Red Alert Upgrade cards† × 10
  • Full About maneuver templates and Reference cards† × 10
  • Map element sets × 5
May 2014 - ArenaEdit
Star Trek Attack Wing Arena logo
  • S'Gorn - Gorn raider* × 3
  • Engineering tokens† × 50
  • Full Alert Upgrade and Reference cards† × 10
  • Map element sets × 5
February 2015 - A Matter Of HonorEdit
Attack Wing A Matter of Honor logo
  • IKS Pagh - K'vort-class* × 3
  • Officer Exchange Program Resource and Reference cards† × 10
  • Map element sets × 5
March 2015 - Peak PerformanceEdit
Star Trek Attack Wing Peak Performance OP logo
August 2015 - Year of HellEdit
Year of Hell OP logo
  • USS Bellerophon - Intrepid-class* × 3
  • Emergency Force Field cards† × 10
  • Token sheets × 5
  • 2 × Ship, 1 × Maneuver, 2 × Captain, 1 × Additional Rules, and 4 × Upgrade cards
September 2015 - Balance of TerrorEdit
Balance of Terror OP logo
  • USS Intrepid - Constitution-class* × 3
  • Sabotage cards† × 10
  • Token sheets × 5
  • 2 × Ship, 1 × Maneuver, 2 × Captain, 1 × Additional Rules, and 4 × Upgrade cards
January 2016 - The VoidEdit
Star Trek Attack Wing The Void logo
February 2016 - The Doomsday MachineEdit
Wizkids Attack Wing The Doomsday Machine OP
July 2016 - Tin ManEdit
Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing Tin Man OP logo
August 2016 - The Corbomite ManeuverEdit
Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing Corbomite Maneuver logo
  • IRW Rateg - Romulan Bird-of-Prey card pack* × 3
  • Condition Alert Resource and Reference cards† × 10
September 2016 - The Trouble with TribblesEdit
Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing Trouble with Tribbles OP logo
January 2017 - Yesterday's EnterpriseEdit
Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing Yesterdays Enterprise OP logo
March 2017 - In a Mirror, DarklyEdit
Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing In A Mirror Darkly OP logo
April 2017 - DriveEdit
Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing Drive OP logo

Monthly Organized Play EventsEdit

August 2017 - Chronological ChaosEdit
Wizkids Attack Wing Chronological Chaos OP logo
October 2017 - Resource RumbleEdit
Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing Resource Rumble OP logo
December 2017 - Trap TravestyEdit
  • TBA
February 2018 - Turret TurmoilEdit
  • TBA
*Competitive prize Participation prize Flex prize

2015-2016 Organized Play Series Tournament Expansion PackEdit

In September 2015, ten ships were released in a brick of "blind" booster boxes to reinforce the 2015-2016 Organized Play Series. Similar to many gashapon toys, the contents of each box is not printed on its exterior.

Convention exclusivesEdit

Gen Con 2013Edit

A unique promotional Khan Singh Captain card was released exclusively at the Gen Con gaming convention in August 2013. [3]

Gen Con 2014Edit

At the August 2014 Gen Con gaming convention, a Cloaked Ships Pack and DS9 Crew Upgrade Card Pack were released. The twelve ships were produced in clear black plastic with white speckles to simulate a cloaked ship in space.

Cloaked Ships PackEdit

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