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Star Trek: A Call to Duty (abbreviated ACTD) was made public in 1996 with the creation of the Star Trek: The Continuum website by MSN. It hoped to provide an online chat based role-playing experience to members of the ISP. Serving as the first official online role-playing organization of the Star Trek website, it lost sponsorship in 2000.

The RPG was originally formed out of an organization called "Virtual Trek" (abbreviated "vTrek") operating on The Microsoft Network (MSN) in May 1995. When an affiliation agreement was signed in 1996 with organization head Chad Morrett for the group to provide role-playing games on Star Trek: The Continuum, the organization's publicly advertised name changed. The establishment of this organization, and attempts to make it successful, contributed to legal action by Paramount Pictures against America Online in 1997.

When Paramount did not renew MSN's contract to run the official website in January 1998, Star Trek: A Call To Duty remained active on the IRC based chat system of the site. By January 2000 the organization had lost sponsorship by Paramount Digital Entertainment. The official Star Trek website did not recognize and advertise another role-playing group until 2002 with the establishment of the Star Trek Simulation Forum. ACTD moved onto its own servers as a result.

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