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The relaunched homepage is the official website for the entire Star Trek franchise. The site features an extensive database, episode guide, interviews, news feed, fan quizzes, new articles, videos, retail shop, event calendar, and other exclusive content. It is produced by CBS Entertainment for CBS Studios Inc., a division of CBS Corporation.

Star Trek ContinuumEdit

Star Trek Continuum logo

Logo of Star Trek Continuum

Founded in November 1995, the site was originally named Star Trek Continuum and was exclusively accessible through the Microsoft Network. (AOL chat, 1997)

StarTrek.comEdit on screen on screen was registered by 1994. (via The Age(Melbourne, Australia), p.30.(citation needededit))

In the Voyager Season 1 DVD documentary short, "Launching Voyager on the web", the history of was spotlighted. Using a modified screen capture from the "Parallax" episode, a computer shows the website on its screen. The site and its structure were also briefly discussed in the TNG Season 2 DVD special feature, "Mission Overview Year Two - Gene Roddenberry".

Tim Gaskill served as Editorial Director of the site and was later engaged as Senior Content Producer from 2000 to 2007.

During the airing of Star Trek: Enterprise, a number of podcasts were produced for the site, serving as audio commentaries.

In 2003, a Flash-animated series called "The Young Hunter" was hosted on the site.

On 14 December 2007, it was announced that the entire production team responsible for had been laid off, effective immediately. The layoffs came as the result of "restructuring" at CBS Interactive. [1](X)

Site Relaunch Edit

After an extensive period of inactivity (which included the period in which 2009's Star Trek was produced and released), CBS Interactive announced on 5 May 2010 that a new version of would launch in the summer of 2010. [2] [3]

The newly-designed site was created by Funny Garbage and was launched as a beta version on 14 July 2010. It retained much of the content that was previously displayed on the site and now featured news headlines from other major Star Trek sites, fan contributions, and full-length episode streams of Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: Enterprise (geo-restricted to the United States). [4]

Star Trek Shop Edit

Star Trek Store logo

Through its online Star Trek Shop, the site has retailed many licensed Star Trek-related items including novelties, collectibles, toys, artwork, housewares, jewelery, electronics, and clothing. All products are sold on the site by Delivery Agent, Inc. of Crozet, VA, USA. [5]

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