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Alzen, a Srivani female (2374)

Alzen, a Srivani female (2374)

Alzen, a Srivani female (2374)
Type: Humanoid
Place of origin: Delta Quadrant
Takar, a Srivani female (2374)

Takar, a Srivani female (2374)

Takar, a Srivani female (2374)

The Srivani were a warp-capable humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant.

The Srivani believed that experimentation on other species was an acceptable method of investigating their own physiology, and justified the inevitable harm caused by citing the number of Srivani lives saved as a result.

Their normal method of experimentation involved using a phase variance of 0.15 to render themselves, their ships and their devices both invisible and intangible. They then attached to the hull of a passing ship and spent several weeks carrying out experiments on the crew. These experiments ranged from changes in body chemistry to complex DNA manipulation carried out by phased tags, attached to a host's DNA. They did not usually go out of their way to kill a test subject, but consider "minimal fatalities" perfectly acceptable.

In 2374, a group of Srivani used the USS Voyager as a testing ground. The experiments included adjusting the DNA of Chakotay to make him prematurely age and stimulating the dormant Mylean DNA in Neelix, causing him to express the DNA handed down from his Mylean great-grandfather. They also forced Captain Janeway to become increasingly erratic by increasing her dopamine levels.

They were discovered by Seven of Nine and The Doctor who revealed them to the rest of the crew. Since their technology could not be defeated, Janeway flew Voyager at a nearby binary pulsar, almost destroying the ship. The Srivani, realizing that they could be killed, retreated, losing one ship in the process. (VOY: "Scientific Method")

The Srivani were not named in the episode as aired. Their species name comes from the shooting script.



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