Harren's theorem

Square roots (third line)

The square root of a number was a second number that when multiplied by itself once became the first number.

Calculating the square root was a common and useful albeit boring and complex mathematical operation. For example, Data once told a very boring "anecdote" about how he calculated the square root of pi as a way of determining the distance between two stellar objects. (TNG: "Manhunt")

During a Ferengi takeover of the Enterprise in 2369, William T. Riker succeeded in confusing a Ferengi which had ordered him to explain the computer by spewing overtly complex and confusing information. Among his claims were that the ramistat kiloquad capacity was a function of the square root of the intermix ratio times the sum of the plasma injector quotient. (TNG: "Rascals")

In 2373, while Odo and Quark were stranded on an uninhabited planet and forced to ascend to higher terrain, Quark estimated the height of a mountain saying "carry the seven, take the square root, times pi". His result was that the mountain was "high". (DS9: "The Ascent")

Mortimer Harren's 2376 theorem made use of square roots. (VOY: "Good Shepherd")

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