A spy satellite was a type of artificial satellite used to spy on a country.

In 1996, Tom Paris, along with his fellow USS Voyager crewmate Lieutenant Tuvok, drove around Los Angeles in Rain Robinson's Volkswagen. Paris and Tuvok tried to convince Robinson that they were "secret agents" to ward off her suspicions that they were from the future. Robinson inquired about an unidentified flying object she had discovered in Earth orbit while working at the Griffith Observatory, which in reality was Voyager. Paris then told her that it was a Soviet spy satellite that was part of a KGB operation they were trying to thwart. Robinson doubted Paris' explanation, as the Soviet Union had broken up in 1991, and they KGB didn't exist anymore. Paris continued his ruse, replying, "That's what they'd like you to think," before Tuvok told him to drop it. (VOY: "Future's End")

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