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Sporocystian toxin

Suspiria is hit by sporocystian toxin

The sporocystian toxin was an energy-based poison developed by Tuvok and The Doctor, working from the remains of the Caretaker. The toxin was designed to break down a critical enzyme in the Nacene cellular structure, causing temporary paralysis; while Tuvok recognized that the Caretaker had been essentially benevolent, faced with the possibility of encountering another member of the Caretaker's race, he considered it prudent to develop a means of defending themselves.

In 2372, Captain Kathryn Janeway deployed the toxin against Suspiria when she threatened USS Voyager, forcing her off the ship. (VOY: "Cold Fire")

In the String Theory trilogy, Chakotay and Tuvok developed twelve torpedoes equipped with the toxin when faced with a Nacene assault on Voyager.

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