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Sulu's leg protected with a splint

A splint was an ancient medical concept that uses two flat pieces of wood or plastic, wrapped with a bandage to keep a broken bone immobile. According to Doctor Katherine Pulaski, it is a time-honored way of practicing medicine "with your head, your heart, and your hands." (TNG: "Contagion")

The crew of the USS Enterprise fashioned a splint to hold the bone while they carried the miniaturized Hikaru Sulu to sickbay after he fell from his controls and broke his leg. (TAS: "The Terratin Incident")

By the 23rd and 24th century the favored form of technology used to repair broken bones became the bone-knitting laser, or knitter. (TAS: "The Terratin Incident"; TNG: "Contagion")

Quark made a splint for Odo's leg after it was broken on a Class L planet they were stranded on in 2373. (DS9: "The Ascent")

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