Krole spiked

Krole spiked

For the drink-related action, please see contamination.

Being spiked was a possible result of using a dataport on a com booth. Spiking was sometimes induced on the other end if a user tried something illegally. It could also be induced in a nearby user using a hand-held device.

Spiking someone over trying to get a free lunch was considered excessive by some though. In 2374, Miles O'Brien managed to make contact with the Orion Syndicate by spiking Krole when he attempted to bill Municipal Sanitation for his meal. The spiking attempt fused Krole's dataport, which O'Brien, under the alias Connelly, offered to fix. Later, Chadwick complimented O'Brien for being able to make contact quickly, though he thought spiking Krole a risky move. O'Brien agreed, but felt the risk was worth it if it expedited his work on Farius Prime. (DS9: "Honor Among Thieves")

In "A Simple Investigation", Odo claimed to have designed the security protocols on the Deep Space 9 station computer to generate "nasty feedback" in dataport users. It's unknown if this was the same as spiking.