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A spider

Sinkhole spider, Gravity

A large spider found on a planet in the gravity sinkhole

A spider is a type of arachnid that has eight legs, two fangs that inject poison, and an unsegmented abdomen containing spinnerets that produce silk.

When Sito Jaxa suggested that it would be good to be a spider under the table of the observation lounge, Sam Lavelle compared this to be a fly on the wall. They were talking about the meeting of the senior staff in the observation lounge and were curious what they were talking about. (TNG: "Lower Decks")

Under the influence of a T-cell stimulator in 2370, Lieutenant Reginald Barclay was transformed into a spider-like creature. (TNG: "Genesis")

A species of large spider was the primary food source on a planet in a subspace pocket, accessible by a subspace sinkhole. Noss, one of many trapped on the planet, used an electronic device to attract the spiders so she could spear them. She taught the technique to Tuvok and Tom Paris when they and The Doctor also crashed on the planet in 2375. (VOY: "Gravity")

In the original scripts for "The Cage", the anthropoid ape was described as the 'anthropoid-spider'.

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