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Species 125, Dark frontier

The Borg Queen, former member of Species 125

Species 125 was the Borg designation for a humanoid race which, by the year 2375, had been assimilated into the Collective.

One notable member of Species 125 as of 2375 was the Borg Queen, who, in that year, kidnapped Seven of Nine in an attempt to gain insight into Humanity. (VOY: "Dark Frontier")


In the novel Lost Souls (the third book in the Star Trek: Destiny) the Borg are revealed to be the survivors of the Caeliar city Mantilis. Thrown across the galaxy in the Delta Quadrant and back in time to approximately 4500 BC by the destruction of Erigol at the climax of Gods of Night, the first book in the trilogy, a group of human survivors from the starship Columbia NX-02 and Caeliar scientists try to survive in a harsh arctic climate. Most of the human survivors die of exposure, while several Caeliar are absorbed into their race's gestalt to give life to the others in their group mind.

The Caeliar were the inhabitants of New Erigol, and formerly of the planet Erigol, which later became the Azure Nebula after the supernova of FGC-SR37-758. The term "Caeliar" can be used as a singular or plural noun as well as an adjective

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