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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2320
2320s to Adam Martoni
Adam Martony to Alvin Dark
Alvinian melon to Aphrodite
Apnex Sea to Auricular lobe
Auriga to Bathroom
Bathtub to Biochip
Biocomputer to Breakaway
Breakdowns to Calentar
Calf (animal) to Cell (biology)
Cell membrane to Christine Chapel (alternate reality)
Christine Delgado to Comedian
Comedians to Cruces system
Crucible to Dauntless class
Dauntless class model to Delta Rana
Delta Rana IV to Doll
Dollar to Earth science
Earth sensor to Engineering report
Engineering section to FLM
FMS Geldonero to Fisherman
Fisherman's Wharf to Gagarin IV
Gagarin Radiation Belt to Giant dry worm
Giant dryworm to Grumman F-14 Tomcat
Grunsfeld Institute for Astrophysics to Hermes class
Hermine Kosta to Huntington Library
Huntley Award to Insult
Insurance to James Lee McCoy
James Lee Stanley to Jim Halty
Jim Hardy (comedian) to Josh Sher
Joshua Albert to Katie Rowe
Katie Soo to Klingon calisthenics
Klingon calisthenics program to Larry Echerer
Larry Field to List of Allos' species
List of Dee'Ahn's species to Mack MacReady
Mack Reynolds to Marla Aster
Marla E. Finn to Melina II
Melinda Clarke to Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien (mirror) to Mur'Eq
Murasaki 312 to Neurotoxin
Neurotransmitter to Octare
October to Painstick
Painstik to Personal calendar file
Personal duty log, Miles O'Brien to Polaric discharge
Polaric energy to Q'parol
Q'ret to Recessive gene
Recipe to Rick Pasqualone
Rick Remender to Rondine al nido
Rondon to Sargasso Sector
Sargon to September 2004
September 2005 to Skorr temple
Skrain Dukat to Stadius
Staff Officer to Star Trek: The Next Generation - Log 4
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Log 5 to Star Trek Magazine issue 143
Star Trek Magazine issue 144 to Station 004
Station Nigala IV to Suliban shuttle
Suliban starship classes to Tal Shiar Headquarters
Talabian rivet to Terrence O'Hara
Terrence Stone to The Music of Star Trek
The NAACP Image Award to Thompson (Voyager Crewman)
Thompson (actress) to Trachea
Traci Lynn to Type 3 stealth assault
Type 4 to USS K'Marco
USS Kearsarge to Unnamed Nebula class starships
Unnamed Nechani to Victor Talmadge
Victor Toyota to Warp core
Warp core assembly to Wurlitzer
Wyanti system to К. Э. Циолковский

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