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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 April
22 August to Achilles (892-IV)
Achilles (mythology) to Alpha Myers
Alpha Nine to Antican
Anticans to Atmospheric dissipation
Atmospheric dome to Barclay Program 9
Barclay Protomorphosis Syndrome to Bicycle
Biddle to Boris Lee Krutonog
Boris Sobelman to Buzz Setzer
By Any Other Name to Carlotta
Carlsbad Caverns to Chewing gum
Chewstick to Cliff De Young
Cliff Eidelman to Corsair
Corsica to Dabo girl
Dabo girls to Daystrom Prize
Daystrom Technological Institute to Devinoni Ral
Devna to Dreadnought
Dreadnought! to Elba II colony
Elba II inhabitants to Erin Cummings
Erin Davis to Federation starships
Federation supply ship to Fourier analysis
Fourier series to Gary Jensen
Gary Kasper to Gorn Elysian councilor
Gorn Hegemony to Hand-to-hand combat
Hand-to-hand struggle to Holo Transference Dementia Syndrome
Holo programs to IKS Kruge
IKS Lukara to Ionization trail
Ionized gas to Janna Michaels
Janna Phillips to Joe Davis
Joe Davis (disambiguation) to Judy Durand
Judy Elkins to Keeley
Keelhauling to Klingon space
Klingon space station to Laser detonator
Laser drill to List of Prah Mantoos' species
List of Qomar to Mackenzie Calhoun
Mackenzie King to Mark Takeo Kosakura
Mark Thompson to Megalite survey
Megalomania to Mike Genovese
Mike Gomez to Mowray
Moyerite to Netherlands
Netinaline to Nut
Nutmeg to Osmotic pressure therapy
Osni Omena to Pavel A. Chekov (mirror)
Pavel Andreievich Chekov to Planet Killer
Planet Q to Prophet Motive
Prophet Motive (episode) to Ralph Branner
Ralph Byers to Reuben Klamer
Reuben Leder to Robin Lefler
Robin Lynn Bonaccorsi to Sabre bear
Sabre class to Second Officer
Second One to Ship's bell
Ship's counselor to Southern islands
Southern islands of Bajor to Star Trek: First Contact (LaserDisc)
Star Trek: First Contact (SkyBox) to Star Trek: Voyager Calendar (1997)
Star Trek: Voyager Calendar (1998) to Star Trek X
Star Trek XI to Steven Baum
Steven Berkoff to Swarm
Swarm species to Taresian system
Taresians to The Ascent (episode)
The Ashes of Eden to The Returned, Part 1
The Returned, Part 2 to Tim Finch
Tim Flattery to Transport ship
Transport shuttle to USS Apollo
USS Apollo (NCC-30000) to USS Odyssey (alternate reality)
USS Odyssey dedication plaque to Unnamed Romulan Birds-of-Prey
Unnamed Romulan starships to Vidiian
Vidiian Phage to Waterloo
Watley to Xindi-Primate ship
Xindi-Primate shuttle to К. Э. Циолковский

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