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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2333
2334 to Adenine
Adenosine triphosphate to Ambassador-at-Large
Ambassador-class to April 1999
April 2000 to Avifauna
Avignon to Becky
Becky Ann Baker to Blalock
Blanket to Bridge Officer Test Engineering Qualification Program
Bridge access relay to Captain's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), 2371
Captain's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) to Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment
Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc. to Clarus
Clarus system to Contagion
Contagion (episode) to D12
D12 class to Dawn Arnemann
Dawn Brown to Devil in the Sky
Deviled egg to Drilling platform
Drilling rig to Eli Hollander
Eliann to Eurlyne Epper-Woldman
Euromark to Field of Fire
Field of Fire (episode) to Fritz Zimmerman III
Frola Gegen to George Cox
George Cox III to Greg Strangis
Greg Stuhl to Helm station
Helmet to Human 22nd century Enterprise launch guests
Human 22nd century Fusion patron 1 to Ink brush
Inkarian wool to James Gunn
James H. Burk to Jim Connors
Jim Conway to Joshua Henson
Joshua Jackson to Kavaria
Kavarian olive to Klingon planets
Klingon prison planet to Latinum
Latinum floor vault to Local temporal continuum anomaly
Locator beam to Maiden Wine
Maiden voyage to Mary A. Grant
Mary Alexander to Mesrop Abrahamian (Raymond)
Mesrop Village to Missile
Missile launcher to NX class decks
NX class model to Nimian sea salt
Nimira to Onizuka
Onizuka Wing to Passenger pigeon
Passenger ship to Phoenix (mythology)
Phoenix Cluster to Primary energy circuit
Primary heisenfram terminal to Radan
Rader to Respirator
Respiratory failure to Robin
Robin's Laws to Sahndara (planet)
Sahreen to Sector 22855
Sector 22858 to Sickbay
Sid Haig to Species 6339
Species 6339 shuttle to Star Trek: The Collectible Card Game
Star Trek: The Collector's Edition to Star Trek Generations (novel)
Star Trek Generations (soundtrack) to Starfleet cadets
Starfleet captains to Subspace field tap
Subspace filament to Tactical Systems
Tactical Unit to Tereshkova (2366)
Tereshkova (2371) to The Man Who Trained Meteors
The Maquis to Thomas Knickerbocker
Thomas Kopache to Tracken II
Tracking beam to Tyrus VII (planet)
Tyrus VIIa to USS Neil Armstrong
USS New Orleans to Unnamed Starfleet personnel (24th century)
Unnamed Starfleet personnel (future) to Viola Salvatore
Viola Stimpson to Wes Dawn
Wes Ford Takahashi to Yosemite 3 research post
Yosemite Falls to К. Э. Циолковский

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