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Super 8 release
Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
No. of reels: 3
Director: Carey Wilber
Release date: unknown (1970s)
Rating(s): n/a
Reference: n/a
Year: 2267

"Space Seed" was an unlicensed Super 8 home media format release of the Star Trek: The Original Series season one episode "Space Seed". Released in the 1970s, it, together with its contemporary Super 8 Original Series releases, ranks among the very first Star Trek home media format releases.

Background informationEdit

  • The release was produced and distributed by New York City based company "Canterbury Films".
  • The episode was spread over three 400 feet, 7 inch film reels, packaged together in a single cardboard box endowed with photocopied imagery, glued on the box as cover art.
  • Not being an official franchise release, Canterbury Films had, according to author Richard W. Haines, made use of a contemporary loophole in the then applicable copyright laws; "Canterbury discovered that some episodes of the Star Trek TV show did not contain a copyright in the credits and released dupes to collectors." (The Moviegoing Experience, 1968-2001, February 2003, p. 183)
  • Though the three-reel release format had been the norm for Canterbury Films, single, 1200 feet, reel variants have been reported as well, though these might well have been copies from other companies, such as "Thunderbird Films", as the practice of copying each others products was quite commonplace in the Super 8 market at the time. Canterbury Films endowed their films with their own original leaders which were cut from "pirated" releases. [1]

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