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Space (or SPACE) is a Canadian broadcasting channel which is owned and operated by Bell Media. Its primary programming includes science fiction, fantasy, and horror-related scripted series and documentaries. Space currently airs Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager.

The station debuted in October 1997 with the film Forbidden Planet. All six of the Star Trek shows have been broadcast or re-run on the channel. Every year around Christmas or the summer months, the channel aired marathons of the Star Trek films. Bell Media no longer owns the rights to the films, and they now air on Shaw Media owned stations such as Movietime or Action

The station is notable for being the only channel in the world to have aired all five live-action Star Trek series together on a regular Monday-to-Friday schedule for a number of years. However, Star Trek: Enterprise was dropped in 2007 and The Original Series was replaced by The Original Series: Remastered in November, 2009. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine re-runs ceased in September, 2011.

Space's Sci Fi genre news program, InnerSPACE frequently features and mentions Star Trek as a topic due to its popularity in Sci Fi culture, and the show has interviewed cast members of Star Trek productions.

In early July 2012, Star Trek: The Next Generation was removed from the summer lineup which left The Original Series: Remastered and Voyager as the only Star Trek series left on Space. However, Star Trek: The Next Generation began to air again in September, 2012 with The Original Series removed from the schedule. The Original Series was on Space once again in March 2015 as a marathon in remembrance of Leonard Nimoy. The first season of The Next Generation is shown in remastered, high definition.

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