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The Soukara system was a star system in Dominion-controlled space, with their base on the planet Soukara. In the 2370s, the system was protected by a sensor grid.

In 2374, the Danube-class runabout Shenandoah was sent to the system to pick up Lasaran, a Cardassian informant working for the Federation. Worf and Jadzia Dax were able to avoid the system's sensor grid by flying through an asteroid field, which featured three gaps in the field. (DS9: "Change of Heart")

According to the script, the pronunciation for Soukara was "sue-KAR-uh".
According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 46) and the Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library ("Stellar Cartography", pp. 18-19; "Federation Historical Highlights, 2161-2385"), the Soukara system was located in the Alpha Quadrant. The primary was a F-class star. According to a map of the Cardassian Union – prepared by an anonymous astrography clerk, from the Cardassian Central Archives, in 2364 – Soukara was identified as a Cardassian system.

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