Worf as Sorval

Worf as Sorval

Commander Sorval, son of M'tokra, was a male Klingon officer of the 24th century Klingon Empire. In 2372, he served on the IKS Drovana.

A few months after the Klingon invasion of Cardassian space, the Drovana was ordered to help covertly mine the outskirts of the Bajoran border. Unfortunately, one of the mines detonated prematurely and Sorval was critically injured. He was taken aboard Deep Space 9 for assistance. While in the infirmary, Worf used Sorval's identity as an alias when he and Kurn boarded the Drovana to obtain the detonation codes for the minefield. (DS9: "Sons of Mogh")

It is possible that Sorval was one of the Klingons seen in the Infirmary.

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