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Android storage vault

A Soong-type android in storage

Data and Lore, internal comparison

An internal comparison of two Soong-type androids

Data's arm

A close look at an arm from a Soong-type android

A Soong-type android is a type of android first created by the cyberneticist Dr. Noonian Soong. Soong-type androids were equipped with sophisticated positronic brains. A total of six androids were known to have been created by Soong, although only the last three had fully functional positronic brains. The first five Soong-type androids were built as images of Dr. Soong, albeit with pale skin and yellow eyes. No other individual since has been able to replicate Soong's accomplishment, although Data came close with the creation of his daughter Lal in 2366. (TNG: "The Offspring", "Inheritance")

Soong-type androids were incapable of alcohol intoxication, yet components in their processing systems were susceptible to disruption by polywater intoxication. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona", "The Naked Now")



The Soong-type androids created, in chronological order:





Juliana Tainer/Soong


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