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Ensign Sonya Gomez was a Starfleet engineering officer serving in the late-24th century. Her speciality was in antimatter.

In 2365, she had recently graduated from Starfleet Academy and was transferred from Starbase 173 to the USS Enterprise-D to serve under Lieutenant Geordi La Forge. It was Gomez's goal to serve on the Enterprise-D for years. La Forge expressed appreciation for her excitement, and mentioned that she could be of better service if she learned to relax a little. Shortly before that, she had accidentally spilled her hot chocolate on Captain Picard. (TNG: "Q Who")

Gomez cocoa Picard

Gomez spilling hot chocolate on Picard

She later assisted in the rescue of La Forge from his captors aboard the Pakled transport Mondor. (TNG: "Samaritan Snare")

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Background information Edit

Gomez was played by actress Lycia Naff. She was intended to be a comedic recurring character but was dropped after her second appearance in "Samaritan Snare".

The script for "Q Who" describes Gomez as "a young twenty five to twenty eight year old ensign -- who has newly arrived on the Enterprise. She is very energetic, and enthusiastic in an open and ingenuous way, which is both appealing and refreshing." [1]

Apocrypha Edit

In Pocket Books' Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers series, Gomez appears (in the post-Dominion War era) as the executive officer of the series ship, USS da Vinci, with the rank of commander. Her middle name is given as "Guadalupe". In the Star Trek: Destiny novels, Gomez had been made captain of the da Vinci. In Star Trek Online Gomez became head of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers prior to 2401, and resigned the position that year to be replaced by Miles O'Brien.

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