Sonic disruptor

Two sonic disruptors

A sonic disruptor was a type of disruptor weapon that projected a focused beam of extremely high intensity sound at its target. The vibration of acoustic energy imparted by this beam disrupted the molecular, and perhaps even atomic, structure of the target, creating a sonic disruption. Sonic disruptors have appeared in weapons ranging from man portable firearms to immense planetary defense batteries.

Most weapon technology in use on Eminiar VII (and presumably, Vendikar) during the late 23rd century was of this type. Hand weapons could stun and kill individuals, and could do considerable damage to objects. Planetary defenses based on the same principle could project sonic vibrations equal to "1812 decibels" at starships in orbit of the planet. Even at that intensity, the weapons were not a threat to a starship with shields rigged; they could do little beyond shaking the ship a bit, and their maximum range was less than that of shipboard phasers of that era. (TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon")

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