The Son'a battle cruiser was a large warship utilized by the Son'a during the late-24th century. These vessels were equipped with isolytic subspace weapons, as well as conventional photon torpedoes.


In 2375, two of these vessels escorted the Son'a collector through the Briar Patch to the Ba'ku planet. Their purpose in the Briar Patch was to protect the Son'a's interests in completing their mission.

They were later sent to prevent the USS Enterprise-E from leaving the Briar Patch, as it attempted to clear the volatile region of space in order to contact the Federation Council. The cruisers, which were outfitted with the capability to traverse the Briar Patch much faster than the Enterprise, intercepted the Starfleet vessel nearly thirty minutes from the entry point into the Patch.

The two cruisers attacked the Enterprise, causing moderate damage to the vessel, before firing an isolytic burst in its proximity, forcing the Enterprise to eject its warp core.

Riker, who was in temporary command of the Enterprise, then initiated a unique battle tactic that neutralized the Son'a threat. In the end, one of the battle cruisers was destroyed, while the other was on fire and requesting assistance. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

Background information Edit

The Son'a battle cruiser was designed by John Eaves; the computer-generated model was built by Santa Barbara Studios. According to Eaves, the Son'a battle cruiser was created to resemble the appearance of a boomerang.

The Son'a battlecruiser was intended to be 2,320 feet (707 meters) long. [1]

Studio modelEdit

See main article: Son'a battle cruiser model

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