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Its Federation Day

A news article from Solar News Network

According to a newspaper clipping contained in the Picard family album during the filming of Star Trek Generations, the Solar News Network, or simply SNN, was a news distribution organization in existence during the 22nd century.

In 2160, the SNN distributed an article titled Romulans Repulsed, detailing the aftermath of the Battle of Cheron.

On October 11, 2161, the SNN distributed an article titled It's Federation Day!, detailing the events of the founding of the United Federation of Planets.

The clipping text comes from a background material created for Star Trek: Generations, and was not seen on-screen. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that the SNN survived into the 23rd century and had representatives among the reporters who attended the launch of the USS Enterprise-B at the beginning of Generations.

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