Sojourner Yogi

Sojourner at work

Mars Heritage Site

The rover in 2155

Sojourner was a NASA rover that explored Mars in the late 20th century with the task of analyzing the composition of the Martian rocks and atmosphere.

The rover landed in 1997, and the location was named the Carl Sagan Memorial Station; by 2155, a monument stood in the location and was classed as a Mars Heritage Site. (ENT: "Demons")

Footage of Sojourner driving up to Yogi Rock, taken by Mars Pathfinder, was featured in the opening credits of Star Trek: Enterprise. It has been claimed that this is the first instance of footage from another planet making it into a tv series or film. [1]
In the final draft script of "Terra Prime", the fact that the Sojourner was from the ENT opening credits was noted and the vehicle, as depicted in the events of the episode, was said to look "dusty and motionless among familiar red rocks."

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