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Multiple realities
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Soh-chim is a Klingon word which has no direct translation, but is most closely approximated by "step-sister/brother" and similar to the Human concept of a "god-parent". A Klingon parent will bestow this title upon a respected adult friend. If accepted, the Soh-chim would be responsible for their child's future well-being in the event that the parent(s) could no longer do so; usually when the child's parent(s) go into battle and the odds are against returning. This agreement is legally binding and is well-recognized in Klingon law. The Soh-chim is usually someone who is a close family friend and already familiar with the child in question.

In 2370, Worf asked the Deanna Troi of an alternate reality to be his son Alexander Rozhenko's Soh-chim in case anything were to happen to him. She gladly accepted the role. (TNG: "Parallels")

It is uncertain if the "prime" Deanna Troi ever actually assumed this role.

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