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Skylab Patch

A NASA insignia for Skylab

Skylab was a Human space station active in the late 20th century. The station was placed into Earth orbit by the United States of America with NASA overseeing the facility. The solar-powered Skylab could house three astronauts. These astronauts were transported to the facility and were returned to Earth by a command/service module from the Apollo program.

The first manned mission to Skylab was Skylab 2. The three astronauts selected for this mission were Pete Conrad (veteran of Apollo 12), Joseph Kerwin and Paul Weitz.

In 2063, the mission insignia for the Skylab Program was displayed in the bar in Bozeman, Montana. (Star Trek: First Contact) Later, in 2143, the mission insignia for Skylab 2 was seen in the 602 Club. (ENT: "First Flight")

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