Sky Ship

The Sky Ship as seen through a telescope from an observatory on the surface

"Star of the night, Star of the day, Come to take my tears away. Make my life always bright."

- A child's prayer to the "Sky Ship". Listenfile info

The "Ground Shaker", "Light Bringer", and later called the "Sky Ship", was the colloquial name given to the USS Voyager by Kelemane's species on their planet, due to Voyager's presence in their sky since their pre-industrial age.

Since the Starfleet vessel was unable to break orbit and was (accurately) suspected by the planet's inhabitants as being responsible for seismic activity, the "Sky Ship" became ingrained in their culture, being the inspiration for the Sky Ship Friends toy collection, a child's prayer, and significant advancements in technology. (VOY: "Blink of an Eye")

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