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Tchar, a Skorr male

The Skorr were a space-faring, bipedal avian race with what appeared to be feathered wings. They existed as a warrior race with advanced technology and the ability to breed vast armies very quickly.

In the mid-21st century, a Skorr philosopher named Alar lead his race into a new era of peace. After Alar's death, his thought patterns were preserved in an indurite sculpture referred to as the "Soul of Skorr." (TAS: "The Jihad")


The Skorr closely resembled the Aurelians.
The Skorr are featured in the PC game Star Trek: Starfleet Command, in which the player has to evacuate the Skorr homeworld under threat from an unidentified anomaly.
In the Star Trek: Enterprise novel The Good That Men Do, it is said that, by 17 February 2155, Charles Tucker III had heard of the Skorr but that the NX-class starship Enterprise had never visited their homeworld.

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