Sklar was a Nezu exogeologist. A nervous type, he preferred working on the ground to flying in a shuttle, and despised both enclosed spaces and needles.

In 2373, his planet was being bombarded by asteroids. He, along with Tuvok and Neelix, was tasked with attempting to find Dr. Vatm, who had discovered that the asteroids were artificial and controlled by the Etanians who wished to take over Nezu.

They rescued Vatm, but their shuttle was damaged. They used an orbital tether in order to return to USS Voyager. On the ride up, Dr. Vatm was poisoned by Sklar, who was working for the Etanians. He tried to kill Tuvok as well, but Neelix prevented that, and Sklar died when he was pushed out of the space elevator. (VOY: "Rise")

Sklar was played by Kelly Connell.

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