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Skill dome

Skill domes

A skill dome was a standard form of education on Vulcan, including the Vulcan Learning Center. The student was placed in a sunken pit which projected holographic images with a voice asking questions.

Sometime in the 2240s, Spock answered math questions while in a learning pit.

The learning pits were the site of the thirty-fifth attempt by a group of bullies to illicit an emotional response from Spock. Upon their success, by calling his father a traitor and his mother a Human whore, Spock pushed one of the bullies into a learning pit and physically assaulted him. (Star Trek)

Michael Burnham also attended the Vulcan Learning Center and had to answer questions about Klingons in her dome, which was traumatic for her given that Klingons killed her family. At some point after Burnham began studying at the Center, a bombing devastated the facility. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello", "Battle at the Binary Stars")

These learning tools were only given a name in the script, not in dialogue.

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